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So thankful!!

I am so thankful for the hard work they have been doing making the app truly wonderful. My only complain is we need an option to make notes or write little notes on the sides...like in the magazine or bible study book.

Very easy to use where and when ever

The app is excellent and is very good for field service,meetings ,and personal study. I am very happy with the app.

Love the update

The latest update is amazing. Thanks for the new features. Loving the new meetings section of the app.

Macht weiter so

könnte mann die app z.b komplett auf Italienisch durch die Spracheinstellungen einstellen ?sprich auch die Menüführung

Excelente, perfeito

Amo o aplicado, gostaria que desse para enviar os vídeos e as publicações pelo WhatsApp.


Super gemacht


すばらしいとしか言いようがありません^ ^


Thank you brothers and sisters for your work on this app! Condensing meetings into one easy to access place is great. Is there a possibility to add notes on the side of study lessons for those who have a hard time remembering the comment they would like to make similar to in iBooks? Thank you !


Preparo todas as reuniões em qualquer lugar...


マーカーを引いてコメントが出来たら、 洞察の本がインストール出来たら、 奉仕用のビデオに分類出来たら、 最高に良いです!


Trés pratique ... jai juste un crash quand je vais sur longlet "online". MERCI encore et que YAH vous bénisse en tout !!

Grate app

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters, what a wonderful app has Jehovah brought to us. It is a blessing to have such app to help us in our ministry and very easy to manage.

Excellent - Mille Merci

Petite suggestion : serait parfait avec en plus un surligneur fin comme dans liBook et la possibilité de mettre des petites notes perso. Et aussi de pouvoir souligner dans les notes et références à droite. Merci pour cette magnifique application !

Astreine App

Sehr gute App! Alles was man braucht :)

Très Bon travail ! Merci. Note 4,5

Application très pratique, bien pensée. le surlignage est fluide et rapide. Lapplication est optimisée pour iPad pro ainsi que le mode split view, très pratique. On peut maintenant avoir la possibilité de trier ce que lon a téléchargé ce qui permet de trouver plus facilement. La nouvelle rubrique réunion est une bonne idée également… pas besoin de chercher les publications, tout est y est déjà ! Manque lajout de note comme sur iBook et la fonction de soulignage, ainsi quune synchro sur iCloud. Pourquoi pas ajouter la fonction Quick action sur iPhone 6s, ce serait pratique pour accéder rapidement à des signets par exemple.

I completely love this app.

It has been amazing and what you brothers have done so far has been so incredibly helpful. I asked for the music to play continuously and it has. I love it! I was doing it with other apps and it was very complicated. Thank you so much. Another situation I have is that every time I put notes in the ePub in iBooks I have lost it. I use IBooks instead because it has notes. And if we do get notes in JW library I would love if it has a backup or sync mode to have it between devices. I have lost my notes from iBooks twice and it is so sad because I put highlights next to scriptures and reference morning worships and annual meeting talks to refer and learn more about a scripture. Then it disappears from iBooks. JW library has had no glitches that I see so I know that you are trying hard to solve all problems before release and we are all so proud and happy that you do. Thank you so much again! You are all in my prayers as you make it easier to follow the chariot!


Perfeito como tudo que vem Jeová!


Este app é maravilhoso. Jeová tem todos os créditos. Esperando pacientemente que atualize uma versão com notas.

Excellent. Each release is better!

Congratulations for a remarkable achievement. Each review asks for yet another feature. Can I maintain that tradition. When conducting multiple Bible studies, it would be nice to be able to edit the book mark names to indicate which one applies to which study. iBooks has this handy feature but obviously it would be a low priority one. Thank you once again for a wonderful application.

We all love it.

What a wonderful prayer answered.

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