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Adding notes/comments would help greatly. Otherwise, very helpful and useful app!

Improvement suggestion.

The app has been such a wonderful tool to use in all aspects of the truth. The one thing that would be an immense benefit at the meetings would be the ability to mark the counselling points in the benefit book. The only book I have to bring to the meetings is the benefit book, otherwise my tablet does absolutely everything for me. Thank you so much brothers.

Great app, wonderful improvements

The attention to detail in this app is really astounding. For example, the app not only allows users to download (cache) videos on the device, in case they need to re-play them where they may not have Internet access, it gives the option of choosing video resolution (file size) in case local storage is limited. Oh, and the highlighting feature introduced some months ago is perfectly executed. Great job!

Need option to change browsers

Love this app, thank you very much for it. One suggestion, though: in settings, give us the option to choose which browser to use. I hate Safari and use Chrome.


Oh, this update is so wonderful, its so convenient and I love that the song book is on here! Its so easy to use for meetings, no more scrolling to find the song in the PDF book, its all in one app. Thank you so much! Cant wait for more updates! :) So grateful for all the hard working friends!

All of a sudden problem

For some reason, none of the downloads work in the app. I dont know why that is and Im pretty sure its a app problem. I would just like to bring it to your attention. Other than that everything else works fine :)

Comment Box please!

I really do enjoy the app very much since it helps me out in the ministry and Christian Meetings too! When I do my studies on the app I wish it can have a comment box inserted just the way iBooks does it! It would really help us to answer with prepared hearts at the meeting. Please include this suggestion to the app! Thank you! :)

Fast and convenient

I take this app on my phone and tablet everywhere I go. Its lightened my load, literally. Love the continued updates. Each is well thought out. Its a great app for considering a portion of scripture each day using the daily text. And there is access to a plethora of beneficial content, including free books and videos. Great for individuals and families alike. And the ability to see content in hundreds of other languages is very cool as well. Theres no app like it. Its the most important app on my phone and tablet.

Awesome app Thank you Jehovah! And the creators of this app.

I really love this app it makes studying for the meetings very easy. I was wondering if there was a feature on here where I could write down my answers? It would be nice to be able to click on the watchtower questions and have my answers pop up. If not maybe that could be something that can be considered later adding


Amazing. Love it. Thanks. At times when defining a word that is at the beginning of a scripture, the "define" button also picks up the #number before the word.

Too bad a cant give TEN STARS!

What a great app!! No ads! Easy to compare multiple bible translations, even multiple languages!

Love the media player

Thanks for this apps! Very useful in every day life, including, playing media at meeting. I like the latest update. Ideal to play meeting media. Paired with apple TV or an airplay compatible device, as long as an media is open in the built-in player, the secondary screen show the video or stay in the latest black frame, so that viewer don’t show anything else. And you can reduce the player and continue to navigate inside our outside the app, at the same time (need to deactivate mirroring option). Thanks a lot for your hard work!

Video issues

I am having problems with the videos. None are playing in my selected language

Love it! One thing though.

We have been so blessed with all the great spiritual provisions. This being one of them. It is easy to use and keeps getting better. One thing that would make it so much easier for meeting commenting is the information in the links in blue can not be highlighted. It would be wonderful to be able to highlight right there. Also to be able to write notes like in iBooks in the publications and links would be awesome. Thanks.

Food at the proper time

Its a wonderful tool! Always something wonderful to read or use as a resource when bored or in a pinch.

iPhone 6S Plus

Most videos will not download under > truths transforms lives> (publication unavailable)

needs a bug fix

My iPad crashes when I hit the Online button. Tried deleting and reinstalling to no avail. Check the app on older iPads. App works fine otherwise. Really appreciate the meeting button.

Please add a feature !

Gread app ! Really usefull but can you add a feature to get audio files please ? Usefull to listen this files when driving to go to work :D Thanks brothers for your hard work !


Please make it support the apple pencil, will not highlight. Thank you.

Isaiah 60:17

This app is a wonderful way to enhance our Christian lives, worship, and ministry. The developers are obviously working hard to constantly add new and useful features. With the ability to highlight texts, download videos, download music, play the music continuously, and easily follow the meetings from a dedicated tab this is truly an app to be treasured. Thank you, brothers.

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