JW Library App Reviews

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So thankful!!

I am so thankful for the hard work they have been doing making the app truly wonderful. My only complain is we need an option to make notes or write little notes on the sides...like in the magazine or bible study book.

Very easy to use where and when ever

The app is excellent and is very good for field service,meetings ,and personal study. I am very happy with the app.

Love the update

The latest update is amazing. Thanks for the new features. Loving the new meetings section of the app.


Thank you brothers and sisters for your work on this app! Condensing meetings into one easy to access place is great. Is there a possibility to add notes on the side of study lessons for those who have a hard time remembering the comment they would like to make similar to in iBooks? Thank you !

Grate app

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters, what a wonderful app has Jehovah brought to us. It is a blessing to have such app to help us in our ministry and very easy to manage.

I completely love this app.

It has been amazing and what you brothers have done so far has been so incredibly helpful. I asked for the music to play continuously and it has. I love it! I was doing it with other apps and it was very complicated. Thank you so much. Another situation I have is that every time I put notes in the ePub in iBooks I have lost it. I use IBooks instead because it has notes. And if we do get notes in JW library I would love if it has a backup or sync mode to have it between devices. I have lost my notes from iBooks twice and it is so sad because I put highlights next to scriptures and reference morning worships and annual meeting talks to refer and learn more about a scripture. Then it disappears from iBooks. JW library has had no glitches that I see so I know that you are trying hard to solve all problems before release and we are all so proud and happy that you do. Thank you so much again! You are all in my prayers as you make it easier to follow the chariot!

Excellent. Each release is better!

Congratulations for a remarkable achievement. Each review asks for yet another feature. Can I maintain that tradition. When conducting multiple Bible studies, it would be nice to be able to edit the book mark names to indicate which one applies to which study. iBooks has this handy feature but obviously it would be a low priority one. Thank you once again for a wonderful application.

We all love it.

What a wonderful prayer answered.

Perfect for personal study

love this app but it needs an update for iOS 9.3.2 because it crashes on start, pleaase update!!


This is the best app ever. It helps me with my personal study and preparing for the meeting. Tho one thing you could update is that you could make comments on it not just highlighting. Like I said before awesome app. Thanks so much for the time and effort

Thank you!

Love this app, its incredibly helpful n so convenient! I would love to be able to make notes, like in iBooks, like a sticky note. Thank you for all ur courtesies!

Great job guys!..

Thanks for your continued hard work on this excellent and continually evolving app.

My most used app!

Thank you for the hard work and all the new updates on the JW Library app. It really makes studying easier. Also, love not caring a stack of books to the meeting. I have several Bible studies and would like to make better use of the book mark feature. Customizable labels would be great! Thanks Again

Excellent App!!

And getting better every update!


Very very useful app for the meetings and ministry. Love everything you all in the software development team are doing. Keep up the good work! One small complaint though and thats the reason for the 4 star review... Need the ability to take notes! Overall the current version is a solid 9/10.


This is a great app. It helped me a lot with the bible and the publications on it. Just wish that I can take notes on it and that would be awesome. Thank you brothers in Bethel for making this wonderful and helpful app. Let Jehovah protects us all.

One request!

This app is amazing and such an encouragement but there is a few things I noticed you can do in iBooks that you cant on JW Library. Is it possible to make it so you can double click on pictures and zoom in. I find that I can always get a good look while studying. I already know that notes is coming which is awesome and definitely helpful. Thanks for all you do!

A blessing from Jehovah

This app truly is a blessing from Jehovah. It makes studio get for the meeting more enjoyable and easier. I know that Jehovah was behind the ones who designed this app. My only suggestion though is I love being able to highlight, but it would also be easier to add comments when I highlight for when I comment at the meeting. But beside that, this app is truly amazing

The best app in the App Store

Having the bible and many other publication in one app... Is such a blessing from Jehovah. It has help me to improve my personal study, meeting prep and personal bible reading. Thank you Jehovah!! Thank you my dear brothers

Almost Perfect

I very much appreciate this app. All that is needed is for the Watchtower to be able to make side notes like in iBooks. Just so we can put our answers in our own words. I would prefer to use this app to the full. That is all that I feel needs to be added on. Im someone who blanks out when Im nervous so I need this function to help me answer. Mahalo, Jehovah and Faithful and Discreet Slave for all that you do.

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